Union Investments & Loan Corp. (UIAL) is a full service real estate investment company that specializes in funding equity based loans up to 70% purchase price and $5,000,000 secured by Deed of Trust on real estate properties in the state of California. 

UIAL also specializes in providing investors opportunities to purchase and/or sell high yield Trust Deeds, as well as premier real estate properties. As an established company, UIAL's focus is to continue to capitalize on real estate opportunities that have the potential of delivering superior, risk-adjusted returns.


  • 1-4 Residential Units (Rental Only)


  • Multi-Family Residence/Apartment


  • Assisted Living 


  • Mixed-Use


  • Rehab/Remodel


  • New Construction


We offer a plethora of knowledge and services regarding real estate investment projects. It is through our vast experience that we are able to assist our clients in their real estate growth. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you.